Instructions for use Zenidol

Zenidol cream must be applied properly in order to cure the fungus quickly and prevent the disease from returning. According to the instructions for use attached to the medicine, which explains how to use the cream, the procedure for use is as follows:

user manual Zenidol

When the first signs of mycosis appear, Zenidol nail and toe fungus treatment should be applied to the infected areas, not only on the nails themselves, but also around them. Use the product to treat nail and toenail fungus twice a day, morning and night, to maximize the therapeutic effect of the agent. Wear clean cotton socks to keep your underwear clean and a layer of lotion on your feet. With the usual course of the disease, the admission process is one week. But if the mycosis has become chronic, the treatment may take longer.

Disinfection of shoes and socks is also necessary to avoid re-infection. Also change the washcloth, comb and towel, as mycosis spores may remain on them. For prevention, apply a nail and toenail fungus treatment product before visiting pools or spas.

Indications for use:

  • Skin redness
  • Cracks, wounds on the skin
  • Thickening or discoloration of the nail
  • Foot discomfort, irritation and burning
  • Bad smell


Zenidol is a natural, non-allergenic product, in the Czech Republic it is only recommended for intolerance of certain ingredients and for use under the age of three.