Experience of use Zenidol

Zenidol experience Jean from Paris

Zenidol experience Jean from ParisHello, I would like to tell you about the dangers of public swimming pools and what can be caught in them. Maybe this will warn someone and help someone who has already been sick with a fungus to recover.

I never played sports, so as I got older, they started causing problems with my back. The doctor advised me to pay a subscription to the pool, because swimming is very good for strengthening the back and releasing tension from the muscles. But the effect was not quite what I expected.

My feet started to itch after the first visit, but I thought I was just sweating too much and wasn't paying attention. But when after a few weeks the tip of my nail started peeling and turning yellow and the heel cracked, I raised the alarm. I bought antibiotics in a pharmacy, but I didn't notice too many effects from using them.

A month later, I decided to go to a dermatologist. The doctor confirmed my suspicions and diagnosed mycosis of the nails and feet. He prescribed me a cream against fungus Zenidol.

On the advice of the doctor, I did not buy the medicine in a pharmacy, because counterfeit medicines have become more and more common recently. I ordered the cream directly from the official website. The medicine arrived quickly.

How to use:

I applied the cream in a thick layer to the entire leg and nails twice a day. I replaced shoes and socks with towels, as recommended by a dermatologist. And after a few days of use, the itching was noticeably reduced, the cracks began to heal. After 10 days I completed the treatment and soon my nails were completely healthy.

Now I can safely visit the pool without fear of catching the fungus. As a prevention, I use the product Zenidol to treat nail and toenail fungus before going to the sauna or swimming pool, and it is not fungal.

I can recommend this remedy to anyone who suffers from mycosis or is afraid of infection. The most important thing is to treat the infection quickly and not start the course of the disease.

Mary's experience with Zenidol in Liverpool

Mary's experience with Zenidol in Liverpool

I've never experienced fungus before, so when my toenail turned black, I thought my foot had been crushed. But when the neighboring nails also darkened, I knew for sure that it was not a bruise.

A roommate recommended the Zenidol cream, which he used to treat himself. The medicine was effective, the fungus disappeared in just one week. Now I am not afraid of the fungus, because I know how to quickly deal with it.

Don't torture yourself with folk remedies, modern medicine has advanced a long time ago, you can deal with a fungus in a few days!