The most effective means of nail fungus on your feet

Fungus – an infectious disease that most often affects the feet and toenails. Recognize this disease is very simple. Itching, burning, redness, separation of nails – these are all symptoms of fungal lesions. The treatment of this disease includes under itself the use of various drugs, such as outdoor and oral use.

Diagnostics mold

Pick up is really an effective means of fungus on the feet can only a doctor. Here it is important to take into account not only the presence of the disease, but also its localization, the vastness, the presence of the patient, other diseases, intake of them to other drugs (hormone, antibiotics, etc.) and many others. A significant role in the selection of plays drugs and the type of pathogen. You mold there are more than 300 species, each of which has its own characteristics.

Now let's see what medicines from mold and mildew are really effective. But now you draw attention to it, that their use without prior consultation with the doctor not supposed to be happening. They have a lot of contraindications, which include:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • diseases of the liver;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • cancer of the disease;
  • dermatological disease (in the treatment of skin of feet);
  • individual intolerance of components that make up the drug, and many others.

Also, even using the most effective cure for athlete's foot, or the emergence of side effects. Most often when their application by the people, are marked by redness, itching, burning, peeling of the skin and allergic rashes (urticaria).

It should be noted that the use of external anti-fungal drugs is only possible in the initial stages of the development of the disease. When running the form of mold requires the use of oral devices which will work from the inside, which eliminates the alone a hotbed of infection and prevent its spread throughout the body.

Preparation for removal of the nail

Healthy feet

In the case of the sponge "played", for the most effective treatment is necessary to remove the nail plate. If you don't want to resort to surgical intervention, then you can use the pharmacy resources. Their use allows themselves to remove the affected nails at home.

An effective remedy for nail fungus on the feet, the composition of which contains various substances that contribute to the mitigation and elimination of the nail, as well as the rapid growth of a healthy nail plate. In addition, this drug has antiseptic effects, and therefore it is very effective in the treatment of fungal infections.

Apply the remedy as follows:

  • first, accept your feet a warm bath with the use of soda or homemade soap;
  • then, wipe dry the legs and put it around the affected nail plate band-aid (it is necessary for it to be a means did not get on the skin, otherwise you may get scalded);
  • further on the nails using cotton sticks a thick layer applying a product and stick with it completely plaster.

Shoot the band-aid can not be for a period of 4 days. Then it is necessary to also take a foot bath and gently remove the exfoliated layer. Then Polish again applying a product and stick with his plaster. These procedures are carried out to the full recovery.

Effective preparations of oral administration of fungus on the feet

To completely get rid of fungus on your feet, it is necessary to use medicines for oral use. They effectively fight the fungal infection from the inside and warn development of complications on the background of this disease.

Effective antifungal drugs outdoor use

Preparations external use (creams, ointments and gels) are used for rapid removal of the main symptoms of fungal lesions on the feet.

Treatment of mould on the foot should occur after a long period of time, even in the case that the main symptoms of the disease have long since disappeared. Remember that the self can lead to sad consequences. So, if you value your health, it is better to turn for help to the doctors and in combination with the main treatment using an effective folk remedy for a foot fungus, which not only help to eliminate the clinical manifestations of the disease, but also significantly accelerate the process of full recovery.