Laser treatment for nail fungus

The main advantage of laser treatment for mold temperature is high, the pulse, which is achieved by using Q-swiched technology, and this in turn allows you to achieve greater efficiency in the treatment of mold

Laser treatment for nail fungus

How to understand that the topic of mold concerns you?

You try to leave the house in open-toed shoes? And about to take of our shoes when people can't be a speech? And You experienced it all: creams, ointments, gels, cautery iodine, but that's all it is, why it is ineffective in your case? If You answered yes to 2 of 3 questions, listed below, will Help you to get rid of uneasiness on this subject.

What are the obvious signs of mold are there?

The defeat of the fungus depends on many favorable factors, a larger share of the we of the ph environment of the skin.

In the early stage of development of the disease no expressed signs of missing (on the nails appear barely distinguishable stripes and spots), onychomycosis can be diagnosed both in the laboratory and clinically on the recommendation of a doctor dermatologist.From the spots gradually increases in diameter. They come in different colors (gray, yellow , white), depending on the pathogen (type of fungus). In this defeat can be anywhere on the nail plate. The second stage is characterised by thickening of the free edge of the plate in the form of the seal or loosening of the nail.

Why is it important to treat the fungus, the faster, the better?

Firstly, because of their own illness will not pass. Second, the fungal disease has a progressive character, which subsequently leads to more and more toxic methods of therapy: basic drugs from mold, mildew, and even of the last generation, before "issue" in the nail plate, they get into the blood, it is contraindicated to people, for example, with kidney disease or kidney failure.

And remember,under the prolonged wearing of decorative nail coatings can come a time , and not noticing the occurrence of the changes.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before starting treatment it is advisable to the availability of confirmed results of the analysis of the presence of mycelium or mold spores in your nail plates, valid for a period of 3 months. A few days before the procedure it is necessary to steam the foot in hot soap-soda bath (20-30 minutes), the maximum rasp and trim the nails. It makes the laser radiation of the nails intensified.If the nail plate develop a yellowish, exposed to the fungal disease has been removed surgically, up to the moment when the laser treatment must undergo no less than 3-5 months from manipulation.

What happens to the self?

One session takes about 10 minutes. The Laser works spotted, use different nozzles, which help to destroy the mycelium of fungi structure of fibers), without damage to the nail plate and the tissue under the nail. To achieve the effect you need at least 6 treatments. In more advanced cases, more.

Because of what dies the fungus?

The essence of the procedure is the following: the laser beam point acts on the affected area, delivering in the thickness of the nail plate impulse high temperature, from which the mold spores, they die. Due to the affected will nail plate develop a yellowish restored. For a more convenient embodiment uses a cooling system and the air intake.

How often the procedure is performed the laser treatment of fungus?

The Interval between treatments is 10-14 days, however individually can recommend another course of holding procedures.

As it aggravate the situation, and to recover successfully?

Nail fungus

The Laser is not harmless is clumsy hands. Improper management of laser can cause scarring of the tissue, a violation of nail growth, burns, and permanent deformation of the plate. In this regard, trust only the professionals.

How to find out, that you fully recovered?

If the missing clinical signs of nail fungus, then with high probability the problem is solved.

Contraindications to laser treatment of the mold:

  • Pregnancy or feeding
  • Minor age
  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • There is a disease of the connective tissue;
  • There is an acute inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • Diagnosed with cancer or a precancerous condition of the body;
  • Epilepsy
  • Recently the procedure has been performed a chemical peel (it is necessary to wait 2 weeks);
  • Recently sunbathed in the solarium or under the direct sun (i – 2 weeks wait);
  • The body of the patient is prone to formation of keloids;
  • Recently postponed the removal of any internal organ.

Even more facts about fungus

  • Every 10 years the likelihood of having a mold grows in 2 times;
  • Men are almost 1.5 times more likely to fall ill with nail fungus, but go to the doctor 2 times less often. Found that the fungus has less influence on the quality of life in men;
  • Every third of the sick mycosis infected from a family member;
  • Swimming pool, fitness-centre, sports hall – this is the traditional place of fungus infection.