How and what treat started nail fungus on my feet

No need to despair, if nail fungus (onychomycosis) foot launched – what and how to treat, we will tell in this material. To fight with the painful condition of a nail plate you hydrogen peroxide and vinegar (wine, cider), wood ashes and a solution of iodine, a variety of hoods, potions and Navara from medicinal herbs. The funds from the people's treasury able to remove the anomaly, their actions fly in combination with pharmaceuticals. Win over pathogenic micro-organisms also give you the perseverance and optimistic attitude.

The danger of onychomycosis

What is the danger of onychomycosis

Fungal lesions (mycosis) are the most common among the many dermatological abnormalities.

Ignoring the treatment-running with nail fungus can happen:

  • The spread of the infection on the adjacent skin, adjacent nails, as well as other organs;
  • The total loss of the destroyed nail;
  • The overall weakening of the protective system, because in the body accumulate toxic substances produced by pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • The transition of a contagious infection into a chronic form, so get rid of it becomes even more difficult.

What we can do for recovery

Please note that if the fungus started, then for troubleshooting, you should stick to the following rules:

  1. Try to find out and remove the cause of the emergence of infectious lesions. For example, during medical procedures to exclude entry into the Finnish sauna, the pool and other places with increased humidity.
  2. Expose the disinfection of footwear (do not forget přezůvkách!) or replace it. Antifungal spray for the processing of shoes are available in the free trade in pharmacies.
  3. Arm yourself with 3-4 pairs of new socks. This is important because damaged you should change them 2-3 times/day. Get rid of old products – and even after washing they are able to infect the outer shell.
  4. Agree with your doctor about the use of drugs. Their selection, indications, dosage depends on the severity of the disease, the patient's age, overall state of the organism.
  5. Adhere to dietary restrictions. From the diet is necessary to exclude foods, positively affecting the activity of mould, in such hour yeast bread, sweets, cakes and pastries, milk and milk products.

When choosing the folk methods of treatment, eliminate nail fungus running stage consider the individual intolerance of some components, i.e. including raw vegetables, bee products.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide perfectly removes nail fungus on the feet in running (chronic) form, but the treatment will be quite lengthy. Dermatologists recommend in the process, how to get rid of pathology delete perhydrol a day (once in 2 days) and healthy period, to prevent their infection.

The development of fungal diseases

So, how to cure a started nail fungus on your feet with the help of hydrogen peroxide?

Way 1. In a basin (bucket) for a couple feet and try to remove (trimming, cleaning) with a nail plate of the affected bark. Gauze swab dip in the perhydrol and attach to the treated nail. Top-wrap film. Repeat the procedure twice a day until the regrowth of healthy nail plate.

Method 2. Perhydrol combine with apple cider vinegar in equal quantities. Gauze napkin impregnation of the obtained composition, and attach it to the corroded diseases of the nail. Wait for the completion of a sparkling effect. Legs rinsed with running water, dry thoroughly. Further cause the pharmaceutical product, designated doctors.

Method 3. To steam the foot in hot vodice with the addition of liquid homemade soap, or blue vitriol, is dried up. A cotton disk, richly laden with hydrogen, impose on the affected nail, cover them with a piece of foil, lock the belt bandage. Endure compress 35-40 minutes, cleaning razmyagchayuschiesya fabric, eat fungus. To further process the surface of the anti-fungal medications means, released specialist-infectious disease.


The effectiveness of the treatment nail fungus iodine in the form of running confirmed and dermatologists, and mycologists. What is the secret of the effectiveness so popular (and cheap!) method? Iodine is able to exit the protein. Parasites that destroy the horny plates, have the structure of the protein, they feed on keratin – fibrillar protein. So iodine has the ability to "crushing" mycosis, directly acts on it.

Method 1. Twice a day, can of the natural nail plate, apply one drop of solution (5%). Adjacent period also, do not leave without attention – lubricate their iodine once a day. Do not forget that the solution attaches to the nail plate unsightly yellowish tint.

After 7-10 days, they appear feeling a strong burning sensation in the damaged areas – a sign that the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms began. The whole course of treatment lasts from 20-40 days. If the excitement unbearable – treated marigolds once/day.

Method 2. During the half an hour steam the feet in very warm water with the addition of soda (1 tbsp to 1 liter water) and salt (twice the amount). The bite of the tweezers or cut with scissors the dead zone, rinse with clean water, dry. Each affected the nail plate coat (with a cotton disk, fleece) three layers of iodine solution (after complete drying of the previous one). The procedure is done before bedtime for a period of 30 days.

The vinegar from the nail fungus

The vinegar in the treatment of mycosis

Treatment of onychomycosis in the running form of vinegar (wine, apple cider) – is a proven and effective way. For a more expected result is important:

  • Use a natural product without chemical additives;
  • Observe the proportions in players;
  • Follow the scheme of treatment;
  • Only use your stuff.

We do acetic acid compresses

Pour into a bowl 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, prepare a cotton pad (disc), plastic film. Fleece soak with vinegar, attach to the infected cornea, wrap (not too tight!) with the film. Leave 3-3. 5 hours. The total length of the acetic acid therapy is 2.5-3 months. To terminate the session it is possible only when the fully formed new nail plate. Even a small number of left infected tissue may cause the return of the defective process.

We evaluate the marigolds iodine-acetic acid composition

Good results gives treatment nail fungus the running form of apple cider vinegar in combination with alcohol 5% iodine solution. The components in the mixture in equal quantities.

Before processing, the nail plate should be soften in hot water, trim the peeling part.

Ready composition is applied with a cotton disc (wand) on the entire damaged cornea with a careful capture of the side edge. Do not forget to lubricate the solution (with the aid of another disk) and healthy marigolds, to draw attention to their injection.

We accept acidic baths

Prepare the pan (bucket) where you can comfortably place the feet. Pour it into the heated water and vinegar (in equal amounts). The fingers should fully pay for the cleansing fluid. The duration of 40-50 minutes. Sessions should be repeated until the complete replacement of the affected cornea. In the complicated stage of onychomycosis trays should be combined with the intake of pharmaceutical drugs, which will prescribe the mycologist.

Combine the vinegar with celandine

There is a great opportunity to get rid of nail fungus at the running stage, if the exercise treatment sessions vinegar in tandem with the celandine. To prepare a miracle-a solution should be 50 g of herbs celandine (Chelidonium) mix with two litres of apple cider vinegar, to insist in a cool place for 30 days. Not after the hands of apple cider vinegar? Take advantage of the 9% dining product, but its amount cut in half.

The resulting potion voltage, add 5 century a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea), stir until completely dissolved. Before going to bed pour a little of the financial resources in a basin, dip the feet in. The duration of the procedure – 5-7 minutes. Do not wipe, let the foot dry naturally. Morning sessions repeat. When the regrowth of the healthy cornea of the morning sessions it is possible to gradually terminate. The course of treatment lasts about half a year.

There is a great opportunity to get rid of nail fungus at the running stage, if the exercise treatment sessions vinegar in tandem with the celandine.

Essential oils to fight fungus

The essential butter to combat the fungus

And you know that some essential butter known beautiful antimycotic properties? For example, if the diagnosed launched a form of nail fungus on the feet, their treatment can be carried out with the help of these oils:

  • Oregano (oregano) – is one of the most effective natural antifungal and antibacterial agents. Carvacrol – component oil – is known for strong antibacterial properties.
  • Tea tree – is able to cope with bacterial, viral, fungal infections, in as hours with old thrush on the toes.
  • Lavender – has antiseptic, antifungal, regenerating effect. Properties are enhanced in combination with an oil extract from the tea tree.
  • Cloves – it has substance to eugenol, which perfectly copes with fungal parasites, etc.

How to perform the procedure

Let's look at how to cure nail fungus on the feet, it started using oil concentrates:

  1. Carefully wash your feet with the use of detergent (tar, fir) soap, dry.
  2. Apply all essential products in a diluted form (in addition to the butter lavender). Combine can with the following essential oils – jojoba, almond, olive.
  3. To perform the procedures every day for 2-3 months.
  4. Enhance the effect of medicinal oils, it is possible to combine it with a spa, pharmacological drugs.

Recipes proven therapeutic mixture

Recipe 1. Combine 100 ml of heated vinegar (9%), 6 droplets of tea tree oil, 2 drops of oil of oregano. Composition add to the pan with the warm water. Keep your feet in the healing font for 20 minutes. Please note that the water should wash the ankle.

Recipe 2. 10 drops of lavender oil, 6 drops of tea tree mixed with 4-three tea spoons of apple cider vinegar. The mixture pour into a dark glass jar and a good shake. Add 30 ml cooled boiled water, and again well shaken. The obtained cream to lubricate the damaged nails 3 times a day. Before each use of the composition of the well shake.

Recipe 3. Measure 2 tablespoons of talcum powder or 2 tablespoons of corn flour and empty into a plastic bag. Add 15 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of essential butter of mint. Package establish (seal) shake and leave for the day. Applied not only to the infected nails, but also on the whole foot after the decontamination bath.

Tea tree for nail fungus

Recipe 4. Mix 5 drops of lavender oil and tea tree and 1 tbsp of almond oil. Keep the container out of the blackout glass. Three times a day wet a fleece oil "cocktail", and makes application to the affected area.

Recipes against the old mold using eggs

Recipe 1. Prepare the ingredients: chicken eggs (medium size), sunflower butter (1 tbsp), a teaspoon of spoon for shoes, dimethyl phthalate (can be easily found in any drugstore), the sour essence (2 tablespoons). First, carefully whisk fork the eggs, add the essence, mix up the remaining components. Before going to bed the balm grate a sick period, the wrap of their film, dress up socks. We use egg ointment until full recovery of the cornea.

Recipes from ancestors

Note on the old ways, how to get rid of "nekrasivska":

  • First of all, RUB the nail plate of dough;
  • Secondly, to walk barefoot on the grass, washed the morning dew.

Let your feet will always be healthy!