Drops for the treatment of nail fungus

Many of us are faced with such an unpleasant disease as nail fungus or, in other words, onychomycosis. It is a fairly common disease that can affect the nail plate. Slowly the disease moves from the nail, which it destroys, to the depths of the finger. To diagnose such a disease, you need to contact a certified specialist who will conduct an examination and prescribe adequate treatment. It is important not only to start treatment on time, but also to choose the right technique. These can be: creams and ointments, drops for the treatment of nail fungus, general drugs, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobials.

Symptoms and treatment at different stages

Preparation for treatment of nails with drops from the fungus

Usually, people don't think about and pay attention to the color of their nails. Until the infected area begins to ache and draw attention to itself. But how can you still determine the presence of fungus on the toenails? There are several signs:

  • In the event that the nail turns yellow or multicolored instead of pale pink for no reason.
  • If the nail plate itself begins to break or exfoliate.
  • When the nail becomes unusually thick or deformed, causing discomfort.
  • In all cases where there is mycosis of the foot.
  • Red edges of the skin in the nail area, a constant desire to scratch the diseased piece of skin, a burning sensation at the site of the nail injury.

To get rid of the fungus on the nails in the early stages, local preparations are used - ointments or drops. They can also be used to prevent illness when symptoms first appear. For example: itching, burning, unreasonable redness of the finger, peeling of the skin in the affected area, discoloration of the nail plate.

If the disease has passed to an advanced stage, then it will not be possible to cure it quickly in this situation. In addition, it will not be enough to use drugs exclusively in the affected area. Drops against nail fungus help in this case, but their use is not enough. The course of treatment is supplemented with the use of drugs inside.

In extreme cases, it is necessary to remove the nail in order to alleviate the suffering of the patient. If you remove the infected area immediately, the treatment is more effective and faster. There are a number of droplets available to keep the plaque intact.

Components and varieties of drops

When choosing antifungal drops, first of all you should pay attention to two properties that such a drug should have:

  1. Fungistatic ability of the drug, due to which it is possible to limit the area of the spread of the disease to another area.
  2. Fungicidal ability that helps the droplets destroy the fungus itself and any infected cells.

Fortunately, most of the popular drops have both of these qualities and actively fight the disease. The main task of the doctor and the patient is to choose from a variety of drugs the one that will most effectively help save the nails from fungus.

Among the variety of drugs that, according to their advertising, will quickly and effectively help in the fight against a disease called nail fungus, there are popular products and virtually unknown drugs.

One of the most effective treatments is nail fungus drops. However, choosing from the large modern assortment of drugs is not easy. It is necessary to focus on the main components of drugs.

Specificity of the application and advantages

Applying drops to the nail affected by the fungus

After the examination, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medication. After buying drops, before applying them to a sore finger, you need to prepare it. This is an important condition, the non-observance of which can negatively affect the treatment, starting with its ineffectiveness and ending with a worsening of the condition. First you need:

  • Examine the finger and remove any contamination that may be preventing the medicine from reaching the affected area.
  • To perform the maximum independent or surgical removal of the affected part of the nail, which contributes to more effective treatment. It is necessary to cut and file the diseased part as much as possible.
  • If possible, spray the affected leg, as the active substances more easily penetrate the steamed nail.

The type of medication in question has certain advantages:

  • Application security. Drops can be used for years, which is necessary in advanced cases. In this case, side effects from internal organs or addiction to the drug are not observed, they do not enter the bloodstream, so there is no negative reaction.
  • Special composition. Drops are not as thick as ointments, and their composition includes two types of active substances. All of this helps the drops to penetrate deeper and work in a wider spectrum when there is a fungal infection of the nail bed.
  • Price. Do not forget about such a trivial criterion, which sometimes is a serious obstacle to the purchase of medicinal drops and to cure any disease.
  • Convenience. All drops are equipped with special dispensers that do not allow the agent to be spilled, and the possibility of an overdose is completely excluded. It is quite convenient, practical and economical, because they are applied on a one-off basis specifically at the focus of the disease.
  • Simplicity. Treating the affected area with drops is very simple. In addition, the drops can be applied not only on the nail, but also under the nail plate as close to the sore spot as possible, without affecting the healthy skin. This perfectly protects against a possible allergy to the drug.
  • Efficiency. Antifungal drops are absorbed almost immediately after application and work. Do not stay on the clothes and do not rub. They penetrate much deeper than ointment and spray, they help to cope with even the most advanced forms of the disease.

Taking into account the characteristics of the disease itself, you need to adapt to the long-term use of drugs against the fungus. For many reasons, the drops are better than other types of medication.


Pregnancy and nail fungus

Despite the fact that all drugs differ in an individual list of contraindications, there are still general recommendations that are the same for all types of drops:

  • Individual intolerance to the active substances of the drug. This means that if a strong allergy to the drops appears, you should immediately stop using them.
  • It is forbidden to apply drops and ointments from the fungus to an open wound or if the area of the skin in this place is purulent.
  • Pregnancy. As with almost all other drugs, the use of drops from the fungus while carrying a baby is allowed only if the risk to the mother is too great.
  • Children under 12. Each drug has its own threshold, but almost all of them are prohibited for children under the age of 12. The age may decrease depending on the type of active ingredient in the drops.

Even seemingly harmless drops have contraindications. All antifungal drugs should be used with extreme caution. Each drug has its own list of contraindications, which you should familiarize yourself with before buying and using the drug.