Fungus on my feet

Fungus on the feet – it is a disease is infectious in nature, that evoke disease-causing fungi. This is the reason the fungus on the feet is by far one of the most widely the most common of fungal infections (mycoses). This disease is transmitted from person to person. In this special group of risk are family members and people close to the patient, for which it is to become a source of infection.

fungus on my feet

Pathogen the fungus on your feet

The fungus is actively multiplying in an environment with a neutral or weakly alkaline. Therefore, a strong sweating – this is the first and most important risk factor for the formation of fungus on the feet, in the area where the skin veils constantly closed. The fungus can withstand a fairly low temperature: even after the fungus freeze, can remain causative agent of the disease. Turn the temperature high on mushrooms affect negatively: at a temperature of 75 degrees, the fungus dies in about 15 minutes. In the process of cooking the fungus killed over 3-5 minutes. Therefore, for disinfection at risk of contracting fungal diseases can be used exposure to high temperatures. So, the clothes and linen of the patient, which were associated with the affected skin, it is recommended to carefully boil and iron. Also for the disinfection of shoes pays one percent solution of formalin, in which the fungus dies approximately twenty minutes.

Causes of mold on your feet

Mold is propagated in a moist environment. So fungal diseases are formed much faster, when boots often remains poorly dried. Most often, injection fungus happens in saunas, swimming pools, in the shower where it is constantly wet floor is the optimal environment for the proliferation of fungi.There are many cases of infection of fungi on the feet, through the needs for a manicure and pedicure. It is necessary to take into account that the mold, which are representatives of fungal infections, can withstand drying. In the process of drying is only a certain time delay the growth of mold. But in the scales of the skin or hair, lost infected person, the fungus can remain able to live several years. And if such a particle gets to the optimum for the development of mold conditions, then the pathogen can regain the ability to multiply and grow.

Assault the fungus on the feet, it is always occurs as a result of contact, is transmitted from person to person. Mycosis of the feet (fungus on the feet) is manifested in most cases in adult patients, in children this disease occurs only very rarely. This property is linked to several factors – changes in the PH of the skin with age, the structure of the stratum corneum of the skin, immunity, which cause the disease, often arise with age. Also, the fungus on the feet is manifested on the background of changes in exchange processes, endocrine diseases, diseases of the thyroid, adrenal and digestive tract. More often injection fungus happens in those who suffer from disorder of blood circulation in the legs, as well as has a deformed foot. Stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, too frequent treatment with antibiotics, anemia are also conditions, with to the formation of fungus on the feet. Very often the fungus on the feet, patients are taught only when there are regular medical examinations, and either they appear the problems of a cosmetic nature and unpleasant feelings. However, in a state of neglect the treatment of fungus on the feet seems to be a more difficult process. In addition, a number of fungi, which are for the human body, secrete poisonous substances, which carries with it the emergence of toxins in the body.

fungus on feet symptoms

Symptoms of fungus on your feet

As usual, when the fungus infection in patients manifests itself in peeling and the subsequent separation of the skin, and later in places of the lesion, the fungus formed small bubbles, inside of which is a liquid. Some were merry, and soon they were bubbles will burst, and at this point on the skin are noticeable cracks and a hotbed of inflammation. The patient feels severe itching, pain, destruction will heal very long. Later the nails on the feet will keep moving, grasping fingers, back side of legs. At these places also arise bubbles. Sometimes due to infection of the bubbles are still unsure, begin with opened, forming erosion. In this state the patient can be observed swelling of the skin, increased temperature. If time does not take measures to treat fungus feet, then it affects the nails on your feet. When changing the color of the nails, they become much denser, and then completely fall apart.

Diagnosis of the fungus on the feet

Upon the occurrence of similar symptoms, you must immediately turn to a specialist-a dermatologist. After examination of the patient and conduct the necessary research doctor will determine the type of mold, which amazed the skin on the feet. In establishing the diagnosis is compulsorily carried out examination of the scales the affected skin in laboratory conditions.

Treatment of fungus on the feet

The earlier the treatment the fungus on the feet, which spreads to the nails, produce, removal of the affected plate of the nail. But when it nails that grew on his place, very often was also hit with a sponge. Today, methods of operation, use significantly less often and only during some forms of mold and mildew.Today, the application of modern drugs for the treatment of mould on the foot ensures fast and effective treatment of this disease. Most of these funds very effectively fight right away with a variety of different species of mold. Remedies to treat fungi on the feet are divided into drugs the systemic exposure and local drugs. A positive result in their use has occurred approximately in 95% of cases. However, systemic medications are prescribed for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating women. They combine it with certain medicines.As a topical remedies are using ointments, gels, sprays, creams, pills. It is simple to apply and are easy to get into the skin folds and spaces between the fingers. Into the blood stream, these drugs do not penetrate, therefore they are less dangerous than system resources. But for a complete deliverance from the mold such devices, it is necessary to use a much longer period of time – about a month. In addition, if the affected person has the place of the defeat of the nail, then using only the local resources are not enough.Medications to treat fungus on your feet from the current producers of low-toxic, in addition, there is a very wide selection of these resources: in the course of therapy is used about 200 antifungal drugs.However, the self in this case is completely justified. After all, the doctor takes into account what the patient immunity, whether disruption of the functioning of the endocrine system, how high the sweating of the skin and a number of other moments.

Prevention of fungus on feet

foot fungus-prevention

Experts say that too widespread a foot fungus causes a general weakening of immunity in humans due to drinking too large amounts of different drugs, poor ecological environment, the lack of in the body vitamins. Therefore, prevention of these factors and methods of prevention of mould on the foot and infection fungal infections in general.It is advisable to regularly take courses adaptogens and antioxidants. It can be Siberian ginseng, ginseng, sea buckthorn oil, Essentiale ® , vitamin E, other vitamin complexes.The fungus infection legs contribute a minor injury on the feet, excessive sweating. Therefore, for the convenience of the feelings of the only need to wear comfortable, well-dried and clean shoes. Shoes it is advisable to change every day, putting on the same pair, at least during the day. The shoes is suitable to process after each inside a special spray for the shoes. No need to go without the rubber footwear in public pools, saunas and other premises with high humidity. When visiting acquaintances and friends it is better to use a foreign room slippers and capture your. There is no need to try on shoes in a store focused on the bare foot – for it is best to use your own tight socks. After bathing should be legs wipe thoroughly and dry, without forgetting that the wipe between the fingers. If you have any doubts regarding a possible assault with a sponge, it is better to apply immediately to his feet antifungal the local agent. In the case of a suspected infestation of fungus treatment should begin immediately.