Fungus between toes: symptoms and treatment in different ways

the causes of the disease

One of the most common skin diseases of the sheets is considered to be fungus between the toes. Treatment largely depends on the associated diseases and the degree of negligence. The most commonly to eliminate the symptoms of thrush are the antifungal agents in a variety of forms. In the initial stage of the disease is quite effective folk methods that you can use at home without harm to health.

The causes of the disease

On the basis of the defective condition involves the intervention into the skin, a fungal infection that causes athlete's foot. With a strong immunity of the human body rejects the infection and the disease does not develop. But in many people's immune system is weakened, and that becomes a favorable environment for the development of the disease.

Get infected from a sick person during direct contact, as well as in the use of common objects hygiene. Towels, home shoes and other things become a source of infection. Predisposing factors to consider:

  • Dermatological diseases of a chronic nature with periodic aggravations — eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.
  • Wear permanently tight and uncomfortable shoes made of artificial materials.
  • Regular violation of the rules of personal hygiene.
  • The lack of in the body vitamins and minerals.
  • The amplified activity of the sweat glands, which will lead to the fact that between the toes from getting wet. It provokes the development of infection and intense multiplication of harmful germs.
  • Frequent injuries to the skin of the feet.
  • Violations of the metabolic processes.
  • Vascular pathology of the lower extremities.
  • Trophic ulcers or healing wounds in the area of the toes and feet.
  • Fungal infection of the nails, turning on the space between your fingers.

In the risk group are the people who continuously visit the saunas, baths or pool. In these places a cluster of fungal infections, the biggest, and for infection enough a few minutes lying in the shower stall, where in this stood an infected person. Especially often mycosis develops in children who are in school or preschool institution closely contact with the sick.

The symptoms of mycosis

Before that, than to treat a foot fungus between the fingers, it is necessary to know how it looks and what symptoms appear. Most often the disease is manifested as follows:

gerboc between the fingers
  • In the initial stage is different pronounced symptoms and may pass unnoticed for many people. On the delicate skin between the toes will appear diverge, because of the fact that her appearance is becoming unhealthy. The Epidermis varies, dryness and peeling of delicate scales. The patient tormented by itching and a slight burning sensation. This is particularly evident at night, when your feet are exempt from the boots. the Active phase follows initial and is manifested by more intense symptoms. On the spot exfoliation red spots appear. Itching accompanies a person constantly, which leads to skin irritation and severe psoriasis.
  • The progressive phase is characterized by the emergence of bubbles of small size, filled with a transparent liquid. When contact with the substance of socks and shoes bubbles burst in their place appear the crying of the surface and the pain that often bleed. Over time, these surfaces are covered by crusts of brown or yellow in color.
  • Stty phase is characterized by the spread of unhealthy process to the surrounding tissue and the nail plate. Nails turn yellow, stratified and crumble. When you try to remove the scabs in their place to form the open wound, a long time, not giving in the treatment. The bacteria on the early areas are developing rapidly and migrate into the underlying layers. Pain accompanies man constantly interferes with the normal mobility of the skin hyperemic and swollen. Constantly there are new pustules filled it is not already liquid, and pus. If treatment is absent, the disease may reach the muscle layer. To get rid of her is very difficult.

A characteristic sign of thrush at any stage becomes an unpleasant odor from the feet even after a recent washing, and processing shoes. In the shoes is also accumulate bacteria, and it requires cleaning chemicals with disinfectant effect. The most dangerous complications of a defective process will be the penetration of the fungal infection into the blood stream and the development of fungal infections of the internal organs.

Methods of diagnosis

methods of diagnosis

An experienced dermatologist enough to look closely at the skin of the veil between the fingers to determine the mycosis. But for clarification of the diagnosis is used a special scratching of the infected areas with the aim of research, his on the type of infection.

In laboratory conditions, they do bacteriological culture of the material obtained and ascertain the exact type of the pathogen. Then the specialist can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

An important point in the diagnosis of becomes identification of the cause and mode of transmission of infection. It is also necessary to determine the stage of the disease. If the patient into the treatment to a specialist in contact with other people or family members, should carry out a preventive treatment of all members of the household with the aim of warning of an infection.

Medical therapy

Treatment of fungus on the toes of the feet depends on the extent of the disease. The initial stage, it is possible to treat only external means in the form of ointments or solutions. Advanced cases beyond only a combination of preformed drugs with outdoor to achieve maximum results in a short time.

To determine the optimal choice in any case should only by the attending physician. Can not self-treat thrush at home medicines, because they often have contraindications and side effects, often give rise to allergic reactions.

If treatment is ineffective after 4 weeks, the patient's condition worsens, then the doctor again takes a scraping from the affected area. It is necessary to determine the sensitivity of the bacteria to the medications used.

Recipes alternative medicine

In domestic conditions it is allowed to use some folk remedies to help you stop the progression of the disease. The initial phase of mycosis can be treated by such means:

folk therapy
  1. Normal soda and table salt. Their use should be in the form of the bath, dissolving in 3 liters of water a tablespoon of each medium. Duration of home therapy session — not less than 20 minutes. The water should be hot, but not burning. Repeat the procedure should be taken daily, duration of course — 2 weeks. The optimal time for treatment before going to bed.
  2. Herbal decoction on the basis of chamomile, dry celandine and the leaves of the plantain will become the best domestic device with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. To prepare its simple: just separated on 50 g of each ingredient, carefully grind and boil in 3 liters of water not less than 5 minutes. The filtered composition is ready for use after 20 minutes associated with recovery. In decoction it is necessary to omit the feet and hold until completely cooled down. Perform therapy before bedtime a day for 2-3 weeks.
  3. Vinegar is allowed to be used for everyday dryness problem spots between the toes or as lotions. The second variant is suitable in the initial stage, when the land of slaughter a little. Aids are made of a cotton swab, pre-moistened in vinegar 9% and applied to the place of slaughter for 20 minutes. On the day are allowed up to 3 treatments. Therapeutic effect is noticeable after 10 days of regular use.
  4. Alcohol solution of iodine 5% allows to get rid of mold for 2 weeks. The processing should be in the morning and evening time. Before the procedure leg is recommended to steam in hot bath and pat dry with a towel. When the processing is necessary to pay attention not only to the skin but also the boards and nail to the infection does not spread. This method is allowed to use only in the initial stage. Ingestion of iodine in an open wound significantly increases the risk of burns and the deterioration of the condition of the patient.
  5. potassium permanganate
  6. Potassium permanganate in the initial stage is allowed to be used for the processing of the land or steaming feet. For the preparation of the solution should be in hot water add a few crystals to the unsaturated pink hue. In a given solution can soar feet 20 minutes a day, or a wet cotton swab several times a day to lubricate the area of inflammation. Usually just 2 weeks of regular use of one or the other way to completely get rid of the mold.
  7. Birch tar can be purchased at the pharmacy. Apply it in pure form on the problem areas and the nail plate. The layer should be thin, the exposure time — no more than 40 minutes, because it's a fairly aggressive means and often causes allergic reactions. When it is impossible to get a hold of him is allowed to just wash his feet every evening with soap out of tar. Duration of therapy tar should not exceed 10 days. The soap as a prevention is allowed to use on a consistent basis.

Use any folk remedies requires prior consultation with a specialist to avoid complications.

Prevention of the disease

Prevent the disease simple measures of prevention. It is necessary to strictly observe the rules of hygiene, give preference to socks and shoes from natural materials, and in a timely manner treat all diseases of the skin sheets on the legs or minor injury. After visiting the pool or sauna is recommended to handle the feet with antiseptic solutions, and not allow the use of foreign means of personal hygiene.

When there appeared the first symptoms of thrush, it is recommended to start treatment immediately. This will allow to get rid of this problem in a short time, and avoid complications.