Fungus between toes on the feet — treatment, causes, symptoms

Fungus between toes

According to statistics gets sick of mold 20% of the entire population. Many curbs the disease to leave to chance, and then just a nostalgic relationship, as the disease progresses, it shifts to other areas of the skin, and even internal organs, appear complications, the patient is a fungus brings aesthetic and physical discomfort.

Appear to disease of any area of the body: the skin, internal organs, of bone tissue, for example, nail plates. As soon as there appeared the first symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to urgently turn to an experienced dermatologist to treatment was progressive, and the patient got rid of the painful feelings, a variety of inconveniences.

When fungus of the foot, the first symptoms usually manifest themselves between the fingers. Here arises the itching, inflammation, dryness and flaking. There are several species of the fungus between the fingers, depending on her changes and medication. Engage it must be professional. In this article describe what you have a fungus between the toes of the feet are the symptoms, the causes, how it is possible to cure, consider the photos.

Causes of mold between toes

Outside, depending on the localization of the lesions of the fungus, the etiology of the disease remains constant. In 60-70% of the people who are turning to doctors, the fungus causes is a genus of dermatophytes. But to accurately set the appearance of the doctor should. Appear fungus for the following reasons:

  • When visiting public places, where it is warm and humid microclimate, which is a high risk of developing infection. It refers to the staff of the data points, and not only visitors. In this case, it is necessary to observe preventive measures.
  • Assault from a family member or roommate at home. An ordinary floor, or carpet can be a source of disease, and in families is still more high risk, because they usually adopted the common hygiene products: washcloths, towels, manicure toiletries, various hygienic means.
  • Wearing foreign clothes (socks) or shoes.
  • Higher risk of the disease is in people in the risk groups, which include patients with poor immune protection, beriberi, who live in places with bad ecological situations, sick endocrine diseases, such as obesity and diabetes or cardiovascular systems, people who are taking antibiotics and hormonal preparations excessively increased sweating, and dryness of the legs, pregnant women.
  • Skin pathology of the feet and between the toes.
  • The pain, the scratches and cuts between the toes.
  • Poor circulation in the legs.

Symptoms of the fungus between your toes

The fungus between the fingers appears as a result of the reproduction of fungi this kind of as mold, dermatophytes, yeast.

Manifestations of the disease can be divided into phases.

So, at the very beginning of the disease usually fungus develops secretly. The fungus affects the area between the central, nameless fingers and mizincem on the feet. Then the disease progresses, it shifts to the forefoot.

  • The first phase, which they call erased, is characterized by dryness of the skin between the toes, due to her in the stands are formed by the cracks on the full stop and in the interdigital zone there is a separation of the upper layer of the dermis. The patient may complain of pain, itching and burning in the affected areas. This phase may not be so noticeable to the patient, so do not consider it necessary to turn to a dermatologist. It is very important to diagnose the disease at this stage, to prevent complications and progression of the disease.
  • The second phase – disgidroticheskaya. Manifestations of this phase are evident to the patient when sick they turn to the professionals. On the other stage on the skin appear papules and inflamed area. The skin thickens, the drought is more pronounced, the fingers, the legs become swollen. Itching becomes unbearable, the patient complains of severe pain, especially when walking. Phase brings considerable physical discomfort.
  • The third phase – squamous gipertroficescoy. As the disease progresses, the skin gets ugly appearance, the plot thickens. Diverge to become larger and deeper, forming exesa land. On the fingers, and between them appear whitish plaque. Itching may be the same or increase.
  • The fourth and last stage – the intertriginous. In this stage the affected areas are filled with pus, inflammation in the form of red spots strongly evident. The patient is difficult to move due to painful sensations in the legs when walking. Feet become swollen, papules reveal and left behind an open sore, which leads to secondary infection. The disease spreads to other sections of the foot, including the nail plate.

Treatment for fungus between toes

A dermatologist performs all the necessary procedures for an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Is determined by the genus of mold that hit the skin.

There is a method of self-diagnosis of mold, for whose feet is immersed into a solution of permanganate of potassium, and left for ten minutes. Healthy skin will turn black, the patient is not. In this way it is possible to identify the disease in the very beginning of its development and in time to see a doctor.

Physician survey patient. What has symptoms, how long the illness has appeared, whether it is diseases of internal organs. Then the dermatologist carried out a visual inspection of the affected areas. Perform a biopsy of the skin, to clarify the type of mold. Also for the diagnosis and compilation of schema therapy are used the following methods:

  • The study of the skin under the lamp black light (Lamp Wood). This procedure is performed relatively quickly – no more than a minute, because the ultraviolet can harm health.
  • Bacteriological sowing – carried out for a period of 20 days, but thanks to this method it is possible to accurately set the type of mold and the subsequent course of treatment.

The doctor also determines the degree of immune defense. Tells, what and how to treat fungus between the toes.

As practice shows, the best results can be achieved by applying various forms of medication. Such treatment is called comprehensive, it included the use of various forms of drug medications (ointments, creams, sprays), the passage of various procedures, the use of recipes of folk medicine to strengthen the effectiveness of medicines. Assign complex treatment, the treating physician should. The length of treatment may take a month or several years, depending on the type of mold and stage of the disease.

Commonly used drugs of the following types:

  • Hormonal remedy for fungus between your toes. They contain in their composition active substance, representing a row of the hormone. It is the most effective means, but their use should be only on doctor's prescription and if conventional medicines do not help.
  • Common ointments, creams, gels, drops, sprays. The most common kind of drugs for therapy.
  • Vitamins and mineral substances.

In the course of treatment you can undergo physiotherapy and also advised to adhere to proper nutrition for improving the metabolism and strengthening immunity.

Treatment for fungus between the toes on the feet of folk remedies

Domestic medicine in independent of his manifestation of the therapeutic effect of virtually no, but if you combine it with medication in the composition of complex therapy as a supplement, then the result can be very pleasing. To treat fungus between toes home, without consultation with a specialist is not recommended.

Please note!

Many drugs are prohibited for pregnant, lactating and children, cause allergic reactions in patients due to synthetic composition. In this case, without the use of natural remedies can not do. Before using home remedies, it is necessary to check the patient for an allergic reaction.

Usually for the treatment of the fungus between the fingers, use trays with different ingredients, such as:

  • Salt and bicarbonate of sodium. You can use trays with the following components are both individually and jointly. Into the water to immerse your feet for 15-20 minutes, before the procedure, it is necessary to rinse and dry your feet. After the procedure is also dry with a towel, put on socks.
  • Apple cider and wine vinegar effectively kills the fungus. Into the water with a concentrated solution of vinegar soaked your feet for 10-15 minutes, after the procedure feet nevysušují.
  • A decoction of the plant species is also very effective. It is brewed and insist, is added to the bath and holds her feet for 20 minutes. This procedure can be carried out twice a week.

It is also prevalent recipes lotions. In them, moisten cotton swabs and treated the affected area. For lotions use the following resources:

  • A solution of permanganate of potassium process skin and leave for fifteen minutes. After the procedure it is necessary a good rinse agent.
  • The treated skin by onion juice for ten minutes.

Treatment for fungus between toes remedy methods

Applying the cream from the mold between fingers

As has already been said, the best treatment – is a comprehensive. In it is included the use of the drug funds of the various shapes. Adults usually prescribe the strong ointment and tablets, children – gels and creams.

Remedy for mold are manufactured in the forms of:

  • Ointments, creams, gels.
  • Sprays, sprays.
  • Drops.
  • Tablets and solutions for injection.

Medications can be hormones in the composition, in this case, it cannot be used for children, pregnant and nursing, because they are very actively act on the body. Assign them to the attending physician, if normal medications do not help. In the case of hormonal drugs, more a list of contraindications and side effects.

Prevention of mold and mildew between the toes

For effective treatment and to prevent re-infection of the fungus between the toes is recommended to follow the preventive measures:

  • To increase immunity. To do this you need to eat properly, have a light physical burden, harden, drink vitamins. Do not allow an overdose of medication.
  • Pay attention to the overall state of health, treatment of diseases of the internal organs.
  • Do not allow any mechanical damage on the feet.
  • Try to participate in public places where it is possible to the dwelling of the fungal cells.
  • Not alien, not strangers clothing and footwear.
  • Cure all the sick fungus of the family members.
  • Observe the rules of hygiene.
  • Promptly contact your doctor.