That is afraid of nail fungus - how to treat at home

Running to cure fungal disease folk remedies, it is important to know that is afraid of nail fungus. Depends on the success of intensive therapy, and clinical outcome. The main thing – to stop the pathologic process of propagation of the infection, to stop the attack. To productively win the nail fungus folk remedies, you need to consult a dermatologist and be diagnosed, to begin intensive therapy.

what is nail fungus

What is nail fungus

This defeat of the nail plate yeast or fungi with the deformation, changes in the structure of the nail plate. If involved in the pathological process one nail, it is possible that a dangerous fungus will go on a healthy surface, the surrounding soft tissue. The disease progresses under the influence of aggressive factors, needs conservative therapy involving fungi.

The treatment of onychomycosis

Home treatment of advanced disease stage is characterized by difficult conservative therapy is not without medical involvement. The approach to the problem of health is complex, necessarily involves personal hygiene, diet therapy, required vitamins orally. After the doctors have performed a diagnostics give the following recommendations:

  • During treatment it is necessary to protect the personal hygiene, do not use the same dishes, and other household items.
  • You must carefully craft shoes that during intensive therapy nail fungus again not progressed.
  • It is very important to further strengthen the natural immunity and pharmacological means full course.

That is afraid of nail fungus on feet

If itching and burning of the skin, the cosmetic defect of the nail plate requires an unscheduled appointment to the dermatologist, the mycologist. In the complex treatment of the patient should know that is afraid of the pathogen to the treatment of onychomycosis was the most productive. This valuable information gives you a dermatologist, therefore it is not recommended to engage in dubious self-medicate. Thus, malicious nail fungus on the feet is afraid of:

  • dies at high temperatures;
  • afraid boiling, chlorine;
  • reduces excessive activity in the hot baths;
  • negatively perceives an acidic environment;
  • demonstrates a high sensitivity to the antifungal agent;
  • weakening pathogenic effects upon contact with hydrogen peroxide;
  • losing the fight with garlic and celandine.

At what temperature kills fungus

We should also talk about the increased temperature at which pathogenic flora fungal origin first reduces its activity, and then altogether dies with more rapid excretion from the body. It is important to know that when the temperature is 75 degrees the fungus is killed after 15 minutes. This information is especially important, as your things for the complete disinfection is required to boil at least 5 minutes before the final destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.


fungus treatment

Fungal infections doctor compulsorily appoint antifungals internally and externally. Otherwise, the positive dynamics is entirely absent, and the disease gradually progresses. To conservative treatment was productive, it is important to know that is afraid of a pathogenic microbe, and what pharmacological group of provide long-lasting therapeutic effect:

  • antihistamines if allergic symptoms;
  • local antiseptics are, for example, a solution of iodine;
  • antifungals;
  • adjuvants;
  • multivitamin complexes.

To cure onychomycosis requires systemic medications intended for internal use.

Antifungal ointment

To defeat nail fungus on the feet, first, you need to cut the affected nail plate, and then use the creams, ointments, and solutions with a strong antifungal effect. In treatment require not only affected the toenails, but also soft tissue, inflamed cuticles.

Special varnishes

Positive feedbacks are observed when the affected areas to lubricate with antifungal lacquers according to the instructions for use. The convenience of this method of production is the ability to use the drug no more than 2 – 3 times a week, a targeted influence on the pathogenic flora.

Treatment of nail fungus advanced forms

In complicated clinical pictures can be used surgical methods remove the affected fungus nail plate. To cure the typical illness that requires steam the nidus decoction of medicinal herbs, and then cut to length, visible foci detachment of the nail from the bed.

Folk remedies

Before using alternative therapies need a good steam nail plate, in addition to process local antiseptics for example tea tree oil, to dry. To cure the fungus in the future you can use folk remedies in the form of compresses, hot baths, massage and other external means, it is important not to face a burn.

Apple cider vinegar

Rubbing alcohol and Apple cider vinegar you want to combine in equal proportions. 1 tbsp. of the finished composition add 1 tsp of glycerin, mix thoroughly. Fungus afraid, if your nails apply 1 drops morning and evening for 2 – 3 weeks. Reviews about this kind of treatment is positive, the main thing – not to wash and not to wash off the applied composition.


salt against the fungus

You can use antifungal ointment Tinedol, but would be cheaper time-tested folk recipes. For example, when using salt need 1 tablespoon of crystals dissolved in 1 art. of warm water, mix well. Use the medicine to execute antibacterial baths for 10 to 15 minutes. You can use sea salt.


To use baking soda, put 1 tsp. of lye to dissolve in a glass of water, stir and lower the infected nail for 15 – 20 minutes. After to enhance the overall therapeutic effect, it is possible to RUB the affected surface concentrated juice of celandine or tea mushroom. Repeat this procedure preferably in the morning and evening until complete disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

Essential oil

Real reviews about this therapy has also a positive, especially if you use an oil based tea tree. For the preparation of natural medicines, which is afraid of the fungus, requires 3 – 5 drops of essential oil add to 2 liters of water. You must then lower the water to the affected limb, to carry out the procedure every day for 15 – 20 minutes until recovery.