The best cure for nail fungus

According to research, every third man is faced with a fungal disease of the nails. In addition, the sponge on the nails until a few decades ago, encountered relatively rarely.


According to the researchers, the prevalence of the disease thanks to the benefits of civilization: high availability of swimming pools, public saunas, gyms - what is created to promote the health of the person. But catching the buildup of muscle mass, or deliverance from the excess weight, a person rarely draws attention to the threat, which is located next to it: the pathogenic fungi that are just waiting to become in unity with a new "master". The consequences (and not only aesthetic character) are not forced to wait. Dark, loose, stratification of the nails, the smell of feet and shoes – not the most frightening manifestations of the disease. Without treatment, the fungus is able to spread to neighboring parts of the body, the reduction of local immunity and support a secondary infection – the penetration into the tissues and blood, pathogenic bacteria, and also become a cause of contamination of the surrounding area. The danger is that family members of the patient - people, whose skin is in contact with the surfaces on which the remaining microscopic particles of infected skin. For this reason the acquisition of for home first aid kits-effective remedy for nail fungus – a great idea, especially if you are on a visit to the gym, swimming pools and other public places, in which there is a high probability of infection by the fungus. So, what are the best remedies for nail fungus offers us a modern pharmaceutical industry and traditional medicine?

The best medication for nail fungus

Valid substance group of drugs has a high "cumulative" effect. This means that when using a drug is a substance accumulated in the tissues of the nail plate, and gradually reaches its maximum concentration, harmful to the mushrooms. The auxiliary substances which are part of the drug, facilitate the penetration of substances in the nail channels, why, in fact, with the fungus spreading. Benefits. In addition to the antifungal action of the product prevents secondary infection of the affected tissue, relieves itching and in a short time relieves the inflammatory processes provoked fungal lesions. Disadvantages. Clinical studies of the drug, which would confirm or refute his safety, has not yet been conducted. So to date, the drug is contraindicated for the treatment of children, pregnant and lactating women, and people with intolerance to any component of this instrument. Estimated. The comprehensive effect of the similar products – that is the only thing, though, and a big advantage, which is to ensure the drug 9 points out of ten in the ranking of the best resources from nail fungus.

From the reviews: "Treating fungus on the nails and on the skin between the toes. Frankly, the fungus can survive, but not the itch that it causes. This drug is literally a day removed the itching, although actually the fungus treated according to the instructions – until the complete regrowth of the nail". Active substance means against mold and mildew has a strong antifungal action, and is effective against most yeast, molds and other fungi. It penetrates into the tissue, nails affected by fungus, valid substance violates in these organisms metabolism and destroys their cell membranes, which is becoming a stop-factor for the formation of colonies of fungi and their further propagation. Benefits. High efficiency has been confirmed by clinical studies, but the percentage of cure of the lesions of the nails have been taken into account not least: the main attention was paid to fungal diseases of the skin. For this reason, it is difficult to say: it's cream effective in on onychomycosis, as in the seborrhea of scalp. But what is really demonstrated – when the local use of the active substances are not detectable in the blood for prolonged use of the vehicle. Therefore the treatment of lactating, pregnant and people with any kidney disease and the liver this cream is allowed. Disadvantages. Not a very convenient scheme to use the cream (twice a day) in combination with its consistency – not thick and greasy, can bring complications. This is especially true for those who treatment caught on the road, or outside the home.

Estimated. Overall, the shampoo deserves 10 points out of ten. But not enough large-scale clinical studies on questions of interest to us, here and now – treatment nail fungus - you still reduce his rating. Therefore, we will focus on the 9 points. From the reviews: "I liked the shampoo, when treating fatty seborrhea of the head. Therefore, when there was fungus on the nail immediately bought a cover cream. Still noticed visible results on the nail – at the beginning of the treatment is just over a week ago, but the skin around the nail to become look healthier." Valid substance inhibits the growth and activity of different species of fungi, including those which become the cause of the defeat of the nails. With proper use of the product according to the instructions, in the nail created by the concentration of the drug with various forms of release, which after a longer period of time prevents the re-injection. Benefits. The convenience is in the possibility of the selection of the dosage form in the form of a spray, solution, gel, or cream. All forms of release of the drug are equally effective. With proper use of the obvious improvements are observed already after 2 weeks.

Disadvantages. Quality treatment, which provides this tool, is due to the strong influence of the drug with various forms of release. But precisely because of this, the treatment of nail fungus in lactating, pregnant women and in children under 12 years is contraindicated. Estimated. One of the best resources from nail fungus, it is popular all over the world, but it requires fierce adherence to the "rules of the game". She deserves 10 of 10 points. From the reviews: "I am convinced that the price of the funds are overstated, although to use it in the form of sprays really comfortable. A sponge has passed together with it as an adult nails, take the medication about a month". In happiness to treat nail fungus they use different operating substances, and the cost of these drugs varies considerably. It is the best and most popular lacquers for the treatment of fungal lesions of the nail, and they are all connected, one and the same advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits. Each of the active substances – this is strong antifungal agents that suppress the growth and activity of fungi. The applicability of the varnish leaves no doubt – periodic or one-time processing of the affected nail prior to the first (or each) application of the tools, and subsequently it remains only to follow the instructions: "touch" nail one-two times a day, or even every week. Disadvantages. Unfortunately, with all the effectiveness of anti-fungal substances contained in the composition of varnishes, which are ineffective in deep fungal lesions, and also in the localization of the fungus under the nail plate. This lack to some extent compensated by the ability to nail accumulate active substances, which over time spreads into the hinterland. But even with regard to this, there is no guarantee that a few months later after the completion of treatment the fungus will appear "out of nowhere". It is unknown where: from the lands of the fungus, which failed to penetrate the active substances.

Estimated. The inability to predict the success of the treatment instantly relieves even the best nail treatment nail fungus a couple of points in the ranking. But they'll be back soon, because it is still the best means for the prevention of fungal lesions. Therefore, those who frequent public swimming pools, saunas and gyms, will be interesting to learn the "dual" valuation of varnishes: we're giving them 7 points out of 10-like drugs for treatment, and 10 out of 10 as a means for the prevention of nail fungus. From reviews of lucky nail fungus: "Treating the fungus on the large finger of the foot – the effect was absolutely nil. True, I wasn't able to steam the leg, applied the varnish to dry. After a few months bought a different product and is not regretted: the fungus just began to destroy your nails, I do everything according to the instructions. Over 2 months and a trace was left". The composition of tea tree oil include terpenes, which serve as the basis for the antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory action funds. And tea tree oil - a powerful antimicrobial substance, to date found only in the oil of the tea tree oil, which makes it truly unique.

Benefits. Due to the fact 100% natural origin oil, it can be shown that for the treatment of fungal diseases of the nails and skin of the legs even for pregnant women, mothers, nursing babies and children. Has significant antifungal effects, suppress the growth of mold, mildew, and thanks to the antimicrobial effect to prevent secondary infection of the land, weakened the life of the pathogens. Disadvantages. A strong odor, which some describe as nice and fresh, others it seems slightly "medical". Range of effects of tea tree oil is wide, but some species of fungi are resistant to the clockwork tea tree oil, it's a means of useless in the treatment of many fungal lesions. Also oil is not recommended for persons with individual intolerance of the components of this tool. Estimated. The almost complete absence of contraindications, effectiveness, comprehensive action – all this allows us to call the tea tree oil is the best folk remedy for nail fungus and award him 10 points out of ten.From the reviews: "I had to treat recurrent nail on the legs during pregnancy. Synthetic products use fear, decided to watch the tea tree. I can say that the better remedy for nail fungus I have in my hand still did not: from the "root" of the nail become the growth of smooth and pink. Now constantly I need to process from the inside out on the street and the domestic footwear this oil – already 7 years how to forget about a sponge".

What you need to know in the treatment of nail fungus?

The effectiveness of the means from the mold of the nails can be significantly increased if it is used as "tricks":

  • Prior to using this product to thoroughly wash your feet in slightly warm water with soap (it is best to use baby or a normal business), then it is necessary to change the water to hot and to steam the affected nails not less than 5-7 minutes. Such a procedure is "open" the cells of the nail that you paint or cream to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Just remember that hot foot baths are contraindicated with varicose veins, hypotension, elevated temperature of the body.
  • Give care to the nails, which grew, in time he was cut off from her. Portions, the "free" part of the nail plate, it must be disposed of in accordance with regrowth to loose access remedy methods on the soft tissue of the nail bed.
  • Treat not only the nails, but also the land surrounding healthy tissue. "Gain a new territory of" uninhibited, not less than 1 cm from the fungus: the fungus is able to survive drug attack in the surrounding tissues, and after the end of treatment to return, as if nothing had happened.
  • If the fight against fungal disabilities has become their way of life and you live in a mode "remove the fungus - rejoice recovery - find out the sponge again" - be sure to contact your doctor. Most likely, you will need microscopic examination of a sample of the nail in order to identify the causative agent and the subsequent determination of products that are "your" fungus still have not acquired a resistance.