Than to treat nail fungus on feet

Fungal infections on the feet, is a fairly common disease. Infect is easy, and this is the reason the treatment — process difficult and long. So the question arises: which drug to choose?

Nail fungus on your feet

The best effect provides a comprehensive treatment, which consists in the combination drug of drugs and the treatment of folk remedies at home.

How to understand that it's a fungus?

To determine the nail fungus on the feet, it is possible and not turned to the expert. The characteristic symptoms are changes in color of nails, the formation of unpleasant odors. Also the nails themselves crumble, under it will appear void.

The first signs that you have a fungal disease:

  • Nail changes its natural color and shine, becomes dull-white or yellowish-brown.
  • It will lose its shape and reinforced, stratifies or breaks down.
  • Appear Horny nail weight under the board.
  • Inflammation of the hole.
  • Appears an unpleasant odor.

In the initial stage of the disease begins, as usual, with the thumb on one side. If in time you find the problem, it is possible, cheap and uncomplicated treatment. During the running stage, you need to contact a specialist, because domestic treatment and quality medicines may not help.

Ways to treat nail fungus

To date, there are several ways of treating fungal disease on the feet:

Nail fungus
  • Laser;
  • Medicinal products;
  • Folk means.

The fastest and most effective way of treatment laser. Literally in a couple of days you have already forgotten about such a problem, like a sponge. However, it is relatively costly option, yes and no in all the cities there are clinics that provide these services.

Much more often to treat used remedies and folk recipes. Consider the most popular instruments and effective, proven over the years, recipes that even our grandmothers practiced.

Folk remedies

Treatment for nail fungus on the feet of folk remedies should be carried out in the case that the phases are not neglected.

Here are the most effective recipes that help you get rid of nail fungus

  • Every day to treat the affected finger 20% alcoholic solution of propolis.
  • Prepare onion mash and apply on the affected area.
  • Lubricate the sick nail juice of celandine several times a day.
  • 5% iodine solution to apply on the diseased nails.

But the most popular method used to treat nail fungus at home, of course, is the hydrogen peroxide.

Use normal peroxide to treat mold is to be as follows:

  • steam the legs in a solution of soda (per liter of water 1 teaspoon of soda);
  • take a cotton disk and soak his hydrogen;
  • apply to the affected nail, and keep 40-60 minutes.

Enhance the effect, wrap the finger, to which she gave a cotton disk with hydrogen polyethylene. Also during the day to bury a few drops of peroxide into the cavity of the nail.

Alternative compress can be trays with hydrogen. To do this it is necessary to dilute 2 tablespoons of 3% peroxide per liter of warm water and keep in your hands or feet (depends on where the fungus) for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the procedure preferably in the morning and evening.

It is also possible that the trays with iodine. For this, add 3 liters of heated water 20 drops of iodine. Tag feet or hands on the pelvis and keep 20 minutes. Then carefully wipe your feet with towel and apply the cream from the mold (any of those), to speed up the healing process.

Fungal diseases

Still you can make homemade cream from the mold. For this mix: raw 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and as much of 70% acetic acid and ointment against mosquitoes (sold in any pharmacy). Thoroughly mix all and apply on problem areas of the feet after previous steaming in iodine or a saline bath. It is then put on the legs of cellophane bags and socks. In the morning, clear all and remove the remnants of the ointment on the napkins. Repeat the procedure should be taken daily until complete how to get rid of mold and mildew.

Pharmacy drugs

Cure the running form of nail fungus in a home environment using only peroxide, tincture of calendula or salt baths will not work. It is necessary to use the drug medications. And better, to immediately carry out a comprehensive treatment and process of the affected nails and folk recipes and special ointments and creams from the mold.

Also worth paying attention to the anti-fungal tablets, because in some cases the local treatment of fungus of the nails or the skin is not enough.


At the first sign of nail fungus, it is necessary to take action. In the initial stage (appeared white spots under the nails and emptiness) will help folk remedies and baths. If you have nails already falling apart, yellow, and there is an unpleasant odor attach to the treatment of drug preparations: gels and ointments.