Treatment of nail fungus on your feet

Beach, public baths, swimming pools – these are all places where easily get infected by onychomycosis. In addition, the fungus may develop, if not in accordance with the in the initial stage, the fungus hygiene, wear an uncomfortable helena dirty shoes. At this stage of development of medicine there are tools that allow you to effectively fight with the disease, but the process of treatment is long-term and comprehensive.

The classification of onychomycosis

From the type of nail fungus may depend on the tactics, the length and complexity of his future treatment. That is why it is important to determine what is precisely the possibility of the development has occurred in this case. There are several classifications of onychomycosis. The most popular two of them, which maximally reflect all the nuances of defeat toenail fungus.

Classification of domestic scientists:

  1. Normotroficheskie form of onychomycosis. Changing the color of the nail plate, appear longitudinal stripes and spots, is located predominantly in the lateral (closer to the cuticle) of the nail. The thickness and density of the fungus in this form is does not change.
  2. Hypertrophic form. Will the nail plate develop a yellowish thickens by hyperkeratosis. When this disappears the healthy shine of the nail, it becomes a bumpy, strong, can be flaking helena crumbling on the sides.
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  4. Animalisticheskaya form. Observed atrophic changes of the nail, starting from the distal edge, appear a zone of delamination, which initially look like white areas. The color of the nail plate becomes discolored, gray.

Classification of the indicated N. Zaias in 1972:

  1. The distal subungual form. The changes relate to the tip of the nail is thinner, exfoliate, falling apart, can be poor growth and thickening (growing like a wave). The color of the entire nail becomes yellow, white helena grey.
  2. The surface form. Significant changes in the form of the appearance of white spots helena strips, which gradually enlarge, changing its structure and becoming darker.
  3. The proximal subungual form. It dates from about the rear of the nail of the roller and spread in a proximal direction to the skin.
  4. Total degenerative form. The entire nail gets a bad structure, the plot thickens, it changes its color, it is destroyed.

On the outside of onychomycosis in the early stages easily be confused for a common injury of the nail of helena manifestation of beriberi.

Treatment of nail fungus


For starters, it is worth it to understand that nail fungus is a disease that is not cured uncle, even if it's to remove the damage factors. To treat nail fungus is most often resort to integrated treatment. The basis of therapeutic action consists of an antifungal remedies. Depending on the extent of damage to the nail plate and form of the disease, can be chosen different tactics of treatment:

  1. The local therapy. Acceptable only in the initial stages of the disease. When this medication is used by surface-active substances in the form of ointments, creams, nail varnishes.
  2. Systemic therapy. Need to be at the more serious damage when on the onychomycosis exposed to more than half of the nail. In this case, in the course are, in addition to local funds, and medications that are taken by mouth.

It is difficult to choose one best cure for nail fungus, therefore it is necessary to the overall approach. Please note, that the complexity of the therapy takes into account and some hygiene measures. In particular, when a diagnosis of onychomycosis need disinfection processing shoes, socks, gloves – clothes, contact with the affected parts, careful processing of towels, means of personal hygiene. These steps are carried out in special disinfectants.

Systemic treatment: tablets


Treatment of preformed means called systemic, because the substance penetrates into your body, absorbed into the blood and its flow enters the place of action, accumulates in high traffic concentrations. The system approach is the most justified, because it allows you to prevent complications of the disease and to provide full assistance "of all the hillside". The system resources celebrates a number of contraindications and limitations to use. For example, can not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore before their use it is necessary to obligatory advice of a specialist.

Topical treatment: ointments

Topical treatment of onychomycosis very effective, because the fungus still prefers a long time to stay on the surface. But only in the early stages of the disease. An invaluable asset to local medicines is that they are instantly acts directly on the land of slaughter without the circulation in the body. Then there are the possible side effects of these funds are kept to a minimum. In addition to the antifungal ingredients in the ointment is included antibiotic and anti-inflammatory corticosteroids element. Relieves local itching and irritation. All ointments must be applied on clean and dry skin not only in the site of the damage, but also the neighborhood that grabs the healthy area. Treatment ointment carried out in the course of 2-8 weeks, depending on the activity of the drug, in the area of destruction and the recommendations of the doctor. The structure of the cream, is not able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the nail and the skin, therefore, for effective use it is necessary to prepare the damaged area. Will the nail plate develop a yellowish should be a maximum cut (due to the fact, nails exfoliate and crumble, it's easy and doesn't hurt). The cream is applied directly on any skin flower under the nail and on the damaged tissue around.

Local therapy: antimycotic nail varnish


Medicinal antifungal nail Polish are other an indispensable means for the local application. Of course, that the varnish is suitable to use together with creams helena ointments. First and foremost, it is necessary to find out the opinion of your treating doctor. The different vehicles may be different ways to use, about which it is worth to inform the doctor helena in the instructions for use. Most often paint is applied 1-2 times daily on cleansed nail. Treatment continue for at least 2 weeks.

Treatment of severe forms of onychomycosis

In severe advanced cases of onychomycosis requires a comprehensive approach to therapy. The doctor chooses the most optimal combination of local action and system resources. This approach has a lot of positive moments:

  1. Shortens the period of treatment (for example, instead of 18 months in the treatment of onychomycosis foot griseofulvin – only in the year of integrated therapy).
  2. Reduces the risk of adverse reactions from the side of the body (through the use of lower doses of drugs and the redistribution of local and system tools that is necessary to drink inside).
  3. Significantly reduces the possibility of recurrence of the disease.
  4. The opportunity to influence not only the fungus, which "on the surface", but also on the possible spread of infection to other tissues of the organism.
UV radiation

For the design of integrated treatment is necessary to carefully examine the medical history of the disease and collect all the information about the pathogen. Then the doctor will be able to pick up the most effective in this case, medication that will have an immediate positive action.

The means for the painless removal of the affected nail

In today's world, where it is sometimes hard to find the time to come to the cabinet of doctor, people are accustomed to use the techniques for self-treatment. One of them became a painless way to removal of the affected fungus fungus. It is worth it to understand that it cannot be compared just to treat nail fungus. It is rather about the possibility of temporary suspension of treatment and alternative surgical intervention. The base formulations of these drugs include propylene glycol, urea and a variety of acids and oils. This complex substance has several actions:

  • anti-inflammatory, analgesic and reduce swelling;
  • the softening effect on the nails, to his department;
  • proteoliticescoe action;
  • an antiseptic effect.

After the damaged nail is removed, it is necessary to use the cream to speed up the growth of a new nail plate. It disinfects open the fabric and creates favorable conditions for the growth of the new nail. Please note that if you suddenly have a feeling of discomfort at the site of application of the cream, burning, pain helena itching, it is necessary to immediately remove the poultice, rinse the application site. Upon the occurrence of malaise, burning sensations helena itching in the treatment area, immediately remove the patch, rinse with soap and water and consult a specialist.

Treatment of onychomycosis in children

a complex of measures

Treatment of any disease, including onychomycosis in children is necessary to perform under the strict supervision of a doctor. The children's organism has its own peculiarities, which restrict the use of certain funds. For example, the child's body is not yet fully formed the powerful system of immunity. A child under a certain age ongoing growth and development of almost all organs and systems. Due to the high toxicity of many antifungal remedies, their use in children is strictly limited. For the treatment of onychomycosis in children sometimes prescribe the means of the local application. On the one hand, they are more secure, because they have no system of action, but on the other – may cause an allergic reaction, to which many children are prone. So the designation of antifungal drugs should carry out a physician who is familiar with the medical history of the child.

Effective ways to treat onychomycosis of folk medicine

Folk remedies for home self-treatment is unlikely, you cure the disease completely. However, they are able to take off the ugly symptoms – itching, burning, pain, swelling, redness. Furthermore, they can become another article in a comprehensive approach to treatment nail fungus. Folk remedies – this is the most inexpensive way to treat and recovery during and after illness. In the ranking of the most effective tried and tested folk methods of treatment of onychomycosis are coming the following ways:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • vinegar;
  • iodine;
  • tea tree oil;
  • different essential oils.
removal of the plate

All of these methods are verified time and a lot of people. In addition, their effectiveness can be easily explained from the medical point of view. Most of the drugs of modern medicine containing in its composition exactly these components. So certainly, the folk remedies have the right to exist.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a strong antibacterial effects. You can find it in the home medicine cabinet of almost every family. And buy in the pharmacy easier simple, because it is sold without prescription. For the treatment of onychomycosis hydrogen peroxide is used as a compress on the affected guest the legs of helen's hands. First you need to thoroughly rinse the guests with soap under warm water, on a pair of nails with the addition of soap helena soda. Carefully dry land, to stay liquid. On the hygiene nail care – their cut and as briefly of the nail file. Of wadding and bandages prepared cotton-gauze pads, you need to impregnate hydrogen peroxide. The basis of compress applied on the affected land, to seal the several layers of a bandage, bound (not a pinch of blood circulation). Top wrapped with foil. Such a compress holding 30 minutes, after which it is necessary to remove and rinse with warm water damaged section. Such a procedure is carried out every day until the emergence of the effect.

Iodine application

nail fungus

The situation with iodine is approximately the same as with hydrogen peroxide. He is in almost every home, and in the case where it can be cheaply bought at the pharmacy. Iodine has fungicidal properties, at the same time inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungi, its cells die off. On the skin and nails of man's acts, removes inflammation and itching. Before performing the procedures should be thoroughly rinse with property damage to the soap, handle cosmetic way, and droughts dried up. It is also necessary to prepare a container with a solution of soda. You can then apply iodine to the nails, the hair and the skin between the toes. Then omit the feet in a solution of soda for 30 minutes.

With this method there are several contraindications and side effects:

  • May arise an individual intolerance of iodine.
  • The presence of thyroid disease requires consultation with a specialist before beginning of the procedure.
  • Possible local irritation, pain.

Essential oils

There are some scientific evidence that essential oils effectively combat the mycosis. In particular, the essential oil of cinnamon can be used against onychomycosis. Cinnamon is able to regulate the content of sugars in the blood – the main "dish" of mushrooms. Preparation before using the essential oil of cinnamon the like as such: on a pair of legs, handle nail scissors and a nail file, wipe dry. Cinnamon oil is a need to treat the nails and rub in the area of the cuticle immediately after. For this to work, the nails should be even more steamed.

The basics of prevention of onychomycosis


To make the sponge touched you and members of your family, it is necessary to observe simple rules of hygiene and rules for the use of public places:

  1. It is necessary to perform a thorough hygiene of your feet every day wash with mild soap, wipe. Once a week you need to trim your toenails and handle do not exceed the your hair.
  2. Shoes should be comfortable, don't push, no grind. The foot needs to sweat. If this is happening – choose shoes from natural materials.
  3. Are the shoes in the stores, should be on a one use deal.
  4. While in public places – the spa, pools, hotels, beaches – no need to walk barefoot. The slate will have sufficient protection for your feet.
  5. After visiting public places it is necessary to wash feet with soap and water.
  6. Please come with forethought to the selection of masters of manicure and a pedicure. All materials and instruments should be processed and disinfected before each visitor. The best use of personal funds helena of disposable materials.
  7. It is necessary to use a good buffer cream on your feet, to avoid cracks and burrs.

Adhering to these simple rules will help you get infected with nail fungus. And in the case of illness — not to expand it to other people and quickly recover.